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Your home, designed & built by our ARCHITECTS

Our mission is to offer contemporary houses and villas, designed by our architects, where the elegance of the detail, the quality of the architectural line and the constructive requirement make the difference. A new concept of Architect-Builder.

Your way of being, loving, thinking, working, projecting, living,is unique

Your life also knows different stages. Always unique. So why would your “home” stay standard? Why shouldn’t your heritage evolve? Environmental integration, modular spaces, mix of materials and styles, sustainable design and construction, choosing the most beautiful. To invent your own life, it is time to create a new exclusive habitat. Your unique home.

5 individual commitments

for architecture-construction
Ethics of Excellence

AyE is committed to offering you its “Builder-Architect” expertise. As if we were creating our own home, we put ourselves in your shoes to create the best possible solutions. A commitment to ethical and qualitative exception.

Architectural concept

AyE is committed to take your project in the right architectural direction. Starting from the base, the soil, with its conditions and its environmental needs. We offer flexible plans
(and not standardized models!).

Smart habitat

AyE is committed to give fundamental importance to smart innovation, geared towards global well-being. Through specialized design office solutions, as well as the experience of its partners, in all areas of construction and development.

Construction inheritance

AyE is committed to build not “fashionable” houses, but a habitat that will go through fashions while maintaining its identity. Neither a wooden builder or a classic concrete block builder, AyE is based on the choice of the newest construction techniques adapted to each external constraint and our houses are designed to last.

Personalization and decoration

AyE is committed to offer you multiple decoration models. Avant-garde or timeless, cozy-cocooning or minimalist, bohemian or refined design, zen or tidy-messy… Your style will find its purpose!



Our success is guided by architectural innovation. Innovation “designed” by the creativity of our architects. A professional project, a passion, which consolidates through our construction expertise, and which is further refined through our ability to choose the best partners in the field.