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Our Team

A team of architects with long experience and a diversity of multidisciplinary talents. United by passion and innovation, we forge spaces that transcend convention, combining technical skill and artistic creativity.


Art in Detail: Bespoke Designs by Expert Architects

At the core of our philosophy at Architecture & Efficiency lies an unwavering dedication to detail, a crucial element that distinguishes our projects and elevates them to the status of architectural masterpieces. We understand that design is not just a matter of aesthetics, but a holistic response to each client’s unique needs, reflecting their vision and lifestyle in every curve, line and texture.


Tristán Velasco

Tristan Velasco, distinguished by an exceptional academic background in architecture and a fervent love for avant-garde design, is a master at creating modern spaces where contemporary aesthetics and sustainability intertwine in an extraordinary way. His methodology, focused on the selection of eco-friendly materials and the implementation of efficient technologies, turns each of his projects into a living, breathing manifestation of eco-conscious architecture.

We invite you to collaborate with Tristan in designing homes that not only stand out for their elegance, but also advocate for a more sustainable future. Discover the magic of architectural innovation through Tristan’s unique prism.


Oriol Prenafeta

With an exceptional background in architecture and a burning passion for innovative design, Oriol represents the perfect synthesis of contemporary functionality and environmental sensitivity. His avant-garde vision permeates each of his projects, bringing to life spaces that not only aesthetically dazzle, but also embrace eco-efficient technology.

As an essential pillar of our team, Oriol is dedicated to redefining the concept of the home, transforming them into icons of a conscious architecture that respects the planet.

Site Manager

Phillipe Castaing

With more than 20 years of experience in the real estate industry, construction and project management, Phillipe is the Site Manager and ensures that projects are executed in the best possible way.

Founder, CFO

Jenny Komlos

Jenny has more than 10 years of experience in the real estate sector. Sustainability and ecology are not only her values, but her way of life, her mission is to make this world a greener place. A&E is the seed of those values, a union between architecture and sustainability.


Anna Bälz

As Director of A&E, Anna Balz leads our vision towards a sustainable future with a strong academic background backed by a Master’s degree in Business Management and Strategic Planning from ESERP Business & Law School. With a multidisciplinary approach, Anna also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business and Management from the University of South Wales, complemented by trilingual skills acquired during her training at Kolping-Bildungswerk.

With a distinguished career in business management, Anna has proven expertise in leading teams to success.

Customized architecture

We study every detail to the millimeter to provide for excellent designs.

Our team of architects, with their extensive experience and multidisciplinary perspective, dives into each project with meticulous attention. From the outset, each project is approached as a unique narrative, where every element, from the spatial layout to the choice of materials, is selected and adapted to harmonise with the overall concept.we pride ourselves on our collaborative process, where constant communication with the client is key. This continuous interaction ensures that every detail, no matter how small, is tailored to the client's specific expectations and needs. Whether we are designing a luxurious private residence or a cutting-edge commercial space, our approach is always the same: perfection in detail and curated design to meet the needs of exclusive bespoke projects.

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